Adults with #Autism and other things.

My husband is currently being assessed at the Redpath Centre. He has a lot of traits of Aspergers. We have nobody in our area that assesses or treats adults with Autism, especially if they are high functioning or have Aspergers.

The psychologist did an initial interview and then immediately asked a therapist at Redpath to see my husband. Normally he has a long wait list and he only sees people with Autism or Aspergers. Which has me thinking that my husband is probably facing this kind of diagnosis.

I loved this therapist! After one session there is already a difference! Lola had an accident on his expensive Hungarian goose down duvet. This normally would have really got him angry. He started to say he was upset and then our beloved daughter with Autism started really pushing his buttons. She started yelling at him to not kill her dog or threaten to because he normally does. He just told her he was angry and he didn’t raise his voice.

We saw him for two hours. The first hour together and then a half hour each by ourselves. My session was to make sure I wasn’t suicidal or anything and then he wanted to know about all the things that my husband does that get on my nerves. I said one his tantrums! He yells, throws things, breaks things, threatens, grabs the girls. The second thing he can’t manage bills! The third he procrastinate and that’s about it.

Managing his anger is the main thing. This isn’t healthy for our children. It has resulted in calls to CAS and our daughter’s paediatrician recommending he not live with us. He has tried anger management classes, one on one counseling and parenting classes. None of it even made a difference! The therapist says these are not effective treatments for someone with Aspergers or Autism. The therapist has worked with people with Autism and Aspergers for over 40 years.

I let CAS know this and that the treatment is working but he needs to keep going. I let her know that she’s going to keep getting calls about us because nothing we do works. She said that her supervisor wanted to know what are other people in our city doing that have Aspergers. I said I think they are getting calls on them too. Or they hide it. I think they may be afraid that there is nobody to even diagnose it in our city anymore that they are doing the best they can to manage it and they are hiding it. Since there is no treatment in our area the only thing you can do for parents who have Aspergers to keep their children safe is to remove the person with the Aspergers people are hiding it.

I don’t want to hide it. I think it is seriously time for the government to fund therapy for adults. We have some services but you have to be pretty low on the Spectrum. We need people to help them manage their behaviour, their households, their expenses. Really Autism could be something turned into an industry. I have to advocate for him as well as our daughter. I have to speak for him because he doesn’t always have the words to say what he thinks. I have to tell people why he behaves the way he does. We need advocates, lawyers, accountants, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, teachers, police, corrections, bankers, employment counsellors… the list is endless!

The Redpath Centre is the only name I am mentioning because it’s such a great place! My daughter’s psychological education assessment has expired. It wasn’t such a great one anyway and I got it done privately. So I am going to have my husband’s psychologist reassess her soon. I thought about asking the school board but we are new to the school board and I am afraid of what they may have already heard and so I don’t want to rock any boats!

I think that the government needs to step up! These people are in jails, they are unemployed and really they can be employed. They are in abusive relationships and they can still be living at home.  If this therapy is going to work then the government should pay for it. They are the ones that have nobody else to do it.



  1. Many individuals said it is usually extremely tough to simply accept your youngster is autistic though the quicker a person take the idea, the better away your little girl is going to be.autism


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