Teaching: A Perfect Profession for Pedophiles in Ontario

I came across the following article http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/649116–teachers-disciplinary-decisions-now-online. I say big deal! If you put this http://www.oct.ca/investigations_hearings/decisions/ into your web browser and you click on the the names of the teacher it will bring up the offense they committed and the disciplinary action that was taken.

There are teachers in our own province that have been convicted of sexually abusing students and they are still teaching! There are cases where the teacher has been charged with sexual assault of a child but because the child was not a student, they were allowed to teach! How does this happen? Easy. In Ontario you do not have to submit to a criminal record check. Take a look at this article, http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20061101/whistleblower_teachers_061115/

I had to submit to a criminal record check to work with animals! Although I did speak to a teacher who does say she submits to a criminal record check every year it is a provincial mandate. So how does this happen?

I am going to now bring up a situation that may be hypothetical but it does happen all the time and parents need to question what is going on. A school staff member like a teacher or in a lot of cases principal takes a child out of the classroom during class time. They spend one on one time with this student because they feel the student needs some special attention. That’s what you are told when you find out about it. They do this often without the parent’s knowledge or consent. Before I read these articles that was an acceptable explanation to me to say you know my kid is having some issues so thank you for noticing that. Now after reading these articles I would want to know where are you taking my child? What are you really doing with this child? Why was I not informed? You need to question your child. This can be difficult if the child has special needs and cannot retell a story very well. This is a very common situation that does go on many many times! I have heard of it personally myself.

I remember when I was in school we had a teacher who would stand over us when we put our hand up to ask for help. He would put his really sweaty hand on our backs. Just the girls! Right where our bras would be. This made me uncomfortable. Did I say anything? No. Looking back at it I wonder if he was just trying to support his weight while leaning over us or was he wondering which girls in the class were wearing bras. Some of these teachers have been abusing children and not just sexually since the 1980s. I remember my grade 3 teacher smacked me over the knuckles with a ruler for talking in class.

Not all teachers mentioned in that list are bad. I don’t understand why their names are listed with the accusations. I think it’s like putting a black mark beside there name. There is one teacher listed who was reported because this teacher felt that a student was being sexually abused at home. The teacher had enough information to support a call and not only that but the teacher was found to not be at fault at all. I don’t think the teacher’s name should be published publicly. I thought I would mention that one because not all teachers are bad! I had some amazing teachers I have to say! Especially in high school. I had an amazing guidance counselor! My grade 2 teacher was amazing. All of my high school teachers pretty much were great! Last year my daughter had amazing teachers! She really did! Good teachers really are out there!

School is a place where children spend a lot of time in We parents are required by law to send our children to school. What can a parent do? Nothing. You could get bullied with lawsuits and legal letters. That alone would be enough to stop most parents. We simply move our children to other schools and pray to God that there are no issues with a different school.

Dalton McGuinty our Premier of Ontario needs to see this. He needs to read these articles and he needs to do something about this! Anyone with a criminal record should not be allowed to teach in our classrooms. School boards should not be allowed to police themselves. We pay taxes we should have every say in how our tax dollars are spent! It really sickens me that my tax dollars are going into the pockets of sex offenders. Of people accused of abusing children. I also think that every news station and newspaper in Ontario and British Columbia because I heard we are the only two provinces who police themselves need to be reporting this and asking Dalton McGuinty and the Minister of Education why this is allowed to happen! Something has to be done about this! To me this is a huge huge issue! Parents should not have to send their kids to school and pray to God that their kids come home the same way they were sent in! I say why lock school doors? The pedophiles could be teaching in the very next classroom! Could even be a school principal! We don’t know! A full investigation needs to be done! This needs serious media attention! This can’t be allowed to continue!

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